Sochkealpha 0.1

About Us


Sochke (Alpha 0.1), platform helps you get updated with all the latest political news.

Sochke is a technology and data-driven platform that enables citizens to connect with their area minister and minister’s work, experience and background.

Sochke is a networking platform that enables users to connect with other users. And it's a digital platform that empowers citizens to contribute to their constituencies to make it a better place.

We’ll make politics transparent for the citizens.

We want to change the perspective of politics and make politics and minister work transparent and accessible every time for citizens. Instead of the minister's word, citizens will believe in data.

And want to break the hidden wall between the common man and minister. Ministers should be accessible all the time.

All of this makes India a more cohesive, participative and involved democracy.

You can contact with 'Sochke' via email at